Feldenkrais Praxis Wien

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„In my Feldenkrais practice I offer individual Feldenkrais lessons in Functional Integration. I happily and successfully work with people with all kinds of different needs and demands.“ – Sascha Krausneker


Attain better health, balance and flexibility. Develop more awareness in self-perception. Ease your breathing. Explore movement patterns and posture, learn gentle approaches to improvement.


Regain freedom from pain and expand the range of movement after an accident or injury and during chronic or neurological diseases. For example: multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, stroke and many others. Improve all kinds of conditions of the spinal column and the movement apparatus, such as neck- and back pain, prolapsed intervertebral disc, scoliosis, sciatic pain syndrome, conditions of the joints (such as knee-, shoulder- or wrist conditions), all kinds of movement restrictions. Relieve many psychosomatic conditions and stress related difficulties or have lessons to accompany psychotherapy.


Discover your full potential. Become more in touch with yourself. Develop sensitivity, self-awareness, freedom of expression and an easy and playful approach to your creativity.


Draw from the full source of inspiration in dance, theatre, music and sports: become more precise, more exact, easier and faster.